8 Cheap web hosting with domain company

 cheap domain hosting company

Only expensive domain hosting service is better for SEO? No has a many server who provide domain and hosting even cheap price, here is sharing about this

Regularly Creating more website as Growing more competitor, first time keyword recharge was free with extension but you know that now keyword recharge is completely paid, Although some one website provide free

Also any one starting to use free hosting server but I not yet prefer free hosting server because here is lot of disadvantages such as: when you want to be get more features then not able to transfer others hosting server if they charge high rate then must be continue with high pricing to upgrade plan and privacy isn’t secure here

Possible to getting traffic and ranking for this need a perfect domain hosting company,

You should considering cheap domain hosting for new experiment to your business, this strategy help to save money as well, present time lot of people starting business with cheap hosting when number of audience increase regularly then they transfer big plan it is better chance to online business.


08 cheap domain hosting company for chance to win

Here will be find cheap hosting with domain, to .99$ and $4 per month for your wordprss, joomla or others application and we describe renewal and other hidden fees to find out right server at shortly

  1. DreamHost (2.59$ month)

First able you can starting by 2.59$ and this is affordable to long time. You requires to choice 3 years plan or more because monthly cost is bit much also has free domain for first years as don’t need extra money for domain registration, here advantages is renewals pricing rate to same

 if you want to buy extra domain from here you can be for 6.99$(1 years)

DreamHost’s current pricing rate and payment method

  • 4.95$ for single month plan
  • 3.95$  (mo) for 1 years and renewals is same
  • 2.59$ f(mo) for 3 years plan and renewals is same
  • MasterCard/Debit card, Paypal

If you are not satisfied with Dreamhost then you will get money back between 97 Days

Included features

  • 1 website
  • Unlimited bandwidth and desk
  • Free domain name for 1 years
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backup
  • Website builder


DremHost performance

DreamHost recommended by wordpress Application and custom control panel as gives you admin access to domain hosting and other product without troubleshoot experience .Average uptime is 99.97% and 450ms loading speed as good for large, middle or small website hosting

DreamHost got Award for quick costumer support, More over 1.5 million website hosted here

uptime, page speed is good you can take it for your wordpress or others website hosting

How to Improve wordpress loading speed

  1. Hostinger (.99$ month)

Hostinger providing attractive pricing rate for beginners But this is not require to single month plan, this requires for three years subscription, good choice for new comers who starting blog, other medium website, Total 48$ for 3 years that possible to beginning, also there given multiple payment method to advantages to all costumer

Hostinger current pricing and payment method

·        9.99$+(4$ setup fee) for single month plan (renews 7.99$ month)

·        2.99$  (mo) for 1 years plan (renews 3.25$ month)

·        1.59$ (mo) for 2 years plan (renews 1.59$ month)

·        .99$ (mo) for 3 years plan (2.15$ month)

·        Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Google pay and Coin Payment

30 days money back guarantee

Included features

·        SSL Certificate

·        Free domain registration (without .com .net and .org domain extension)

·        10 GB SSD Storage

·        1 Email Account

·        1 website

Has solid SSD storage although monthly plan is high but perfect choice for three years subscription

99.96% uptime with Clouldflare CDN and Average load time 310ms as good for any categories website, here is you can easily set up your wordpress or others Application in few minutes

Giving good performance for their multiple data center and Pricing is perfect who want to continue their website in long term


  1. Bluehost (2.95$ month)

Bluehost black friday this week

Bluehost is  one of leading company for wordpress website hosting and recommended by wordpress Since 2005,  old hosting company who started business was in 2003 , present time they serve over 2 million hosting plan. 2.95$ starting fee for 36 month subscription it reliable price for wordpress hosting, in addition rarely they provide Google ad credit, you can taken this price by long term plan

Bluehost current pricing and payment method

·        5.95$ (mo) for 1 years plan (renews 8.99$ month)

·        3.95$ (mo) for 2 years plan (renews 8.99$ month)

·        2.95$ (mo) for 3 years plan (renews 8.99$ month)

·        Creadit/Debit Card, Paypal (renews 8.99$ month)


Here is 30 days money back guarantee

Included features

  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 Website
  • 25 Sub domains
  • Free domain for 1 years
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Automatic wordpress install and update

More extra feature those not include with this price

  • Domain privacy (11.88$ yearly)
  • Bluehost SEO tools (23.88$ yearly)
  • Sitlock security (35.88 yearly)

 Bluehost performance

They are cpanel dashboard is clean and user friendly also has Automatic wordpress install opportunity, middle or small website is good uptime 99.98% with bluehost shared hosting plan

Particularly blog and medium based online store site, almost 500ms loading speed with powerfull CDN That ensure quick loading your website

Without hassle user can quickly access with wordpress and over all uptime and page speed is perfect So can be take bluehost cheap opportunity by long term plan


4. Namecheap (1.24$ month)

Namecheap was most popular for cheap domain name server, current time namecheap is most popular for cheap hosting As well Domain provider, us based server also has uk data center with lite speed CDN,1.58$ for yearly subscription and 2.88$ single month price that reach in to costumer, they are multiple payment method  like as hostinger

Namecheap current pricing rate and payment method

  • 2.88$ for single month plan (renews same price)
  • 1.44$(mo)  for 1 years plan (renews 2.88$ monthly)
  • 1.24$(mo)  for 2 years plan (renews 2.78$ monthly)
  • Credit/Debit card, Paypal, coin payment

30 days money back guarantee

Included features

  • 3 website
  • 20 GB SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domin Name for 1 years
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free website builder
  • 30 Email Accounts

If you want to extra plan, from current plan to wordpress managed hosting then need to pay 36$ for 1 years and monthly

1$ charge for UK data center


Namecheap performance

Good performer provider by cheap pricing, US and UK data center to ensure quick loading, 99.97% uptime and 490ms loading speed, wordpress or other Application can be quickly set up without previous technical knowledge

Single month and yearly plan both are well and performance is perfect you can start for your small or medium business. 4.Namecheap (1.24$ month)

5. Ipage (1.99$)

Founded was in 1998, particularly ipage worldwide outstanding for small and medium online business but now they are providing VPS and dedicated server for large online website those are cheap pricing

Over one million host serve until now, using digitalized technology to their server but ipage isn’t enhance comparable to others hosting provider ,may this reason isn’t  paid marketing . recently ipage enhancing their online market and they familiar with lot of online costumer

Ipage current pricing rate and payment method


  • 2.99$ (mo) price for 1 years plan (renews 9.99$ month)
  • 2.49$ (mo) for 2 years plan (renews 8.99$ month)
  • 1.99$ (mo) for 3 years plan  renews (7.99$ month)
  • Credit card, Paypal and Bank check

30 days money backguarantee 

Included features

  • Free domain name for 1 years
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited email account
  • Free website builder


For extra features

Managed wordpress hosting 36$ years, domain protection 9.99$ years and 11.88$ required for daily backup

Ipage performance

Ipage used different two data center location for properly supply the server data and enforce without hard limit on data transfer to your website. 99.80% uptime and 800ms average loading speed that isn’t enough speed for all website

Good chance for win cheap hosting by long term plan and  you can choice to your blog or other medium website


6. HostGator (2.75$ month)

HostGator was funded in 2002 and their headquarter in Austin Texas, outstanding from during time to good costumer support, over 2 million active hosted until now with batter performance 2.75$ monthly for three years plan that intro price, in addition you can taken 2 or 1 years but single month pricing isn’t advantages


Hostgator current pricing rate and payment method

  • 10.95$ for month to month plan (renews 10.95$ month)
  • 3.95$ (mo) for 1 years plan (renews 8.95$ month)
  • 3.45$ (mo) for 2 years plan (renews 7.95$ month)
  • 2.75$ (mo) for 3 years plan (renews 6.95$ month)
  • Credit card , Paypal

Here is opportunities for 45 days money back guarantee

Included features

  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 domain for 1 years
  • 1 Email Account
  • One click wordpress install

Hostgator highly recommended the “SiteLock Essential” for this requires charge 1.99$ (mo)

hostgator Performance

99.96% uptime with lite speed and powerful CDN as protect a side from down, also here is pro level SSL Certificate that ensure  anti attract technology

Fast reliable hosting server to any kind of website and provide extra opportunity for wordpress joomla and more application, as a result new user can be quick access hostgator cpanel without a hassle


7. Intersarver (4$ month)

Intersarver providing service was in 1999 and has two data center, single month price 5$  and 4$ for yearly plan, monthly and yearly price isn’t more difference

 not high pricing for month to month plan comparable to other server and renews only $7 for every month also intersarver services free migration

Intersarver current pricing and payment method

  • Single month plan $5 (renews $7/month)
  • 4.5$ (mo) for 1 years plan (renews $7/month)
  • 4.25$ (mo) for 2 years plan ( renews $7/month)
  • 4.00$ (mo) for 3 years plan ( renews $7/month)
  • Credit card and Paypal

30 days money back guarantee

Included features

  • 1 website
  • 1 Email Account
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Weekly backup
  • Pre wordpress install option
  • Free website migration

Here isn’t included domain, requires to extra fees for a domain registration

Intersarver Performance

Power with two data center location in SecaucusNJ and Other one in Los Angeles, Has global content coaching for content creator, average uptime 99.88% and 508 loading time good things for small or medium business

good choice with price lock guarantee, all plan restricted to 7$ (month) for renews

8. Greengeeks (2.95$ month)

Greengeeks is number one green and eco friendly hosting company since 2008,  over 3 million hosting plan served until now, 2.95$ monthly subscription, cheap advantages applicable to long term like as bluehost, but single month and renews pricing is a bit much.  With has free domain registration for 1 years

Greengeeks current pricing rate and payment method

  • 9.95$ for single month plan
  • 4.95$ (mo)  for 1 years plan (renews 9.95$ month)
  • 3.95$ (mo)  for 2 years plan (renews 9.95$ month)
  • 2.95$ (mo)  for 3 years plan (renews 9.95$ month)
  • Credit/Debit card, Paypal

30 days money back guarantee

Included features

  • 1 website
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Free domain for 1 years
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Daily backup

Greengeeks performance

Supplying data from four multiple data center with has LSCache mariaDB, CDN and lite speed to ensure super fast loading speed from wordwide any location, 99.95% average uptime and 433ms loading speed, over all good performance

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