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Great reason why wordpress site slow load

55% Website owner ranking failure to Load probems

Suddenly, see web site is down or slow load it’s very bad impact!
Most of beginner's content creator moving from blogger to wordpress CMS but after their problem isn’t fix
Once Again Isn’t fix problem even after use of AMP
You need to attend the load time instead to uptime and good load speed is ensure the intelligent result without use the AMP

Slow load may be one more different causes
Whatever it great ranking factor you may know
Also load time may effect the harm thus :Load time>bounce rate>increase/reduce ranking

Before the apply this process you can use this tool to analysis the performance - www.gtmetrix.com

Let's get to finding the Reason and exact fix ways

1. Server response time
2. Disk space and plan
3. Theme
4. Javascript code
5. Image size

#1. Server response time

Directly connected to a website Loading time
But it has bitless different time
It fully depends on a server resources
Low quality hosting provider can't serve the perfect bandwidth and average load speed

Solve method

Most of web hosting uptime is better but uptime isn’t reduce the response time two are fully separate

Chack out this features ensure to know a perfect Server
  • CDN (content delivery network)
  • SSD (solid storage disk)
  • Data server bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • Data resource center

Also clouldflare.com is important tools to reduce server response session
If you can't use paid plan then use clouldflare free plan as ensure more advantage for web site
Although good provider is more cost than low quality provider
If your website is build for Local  or specific country’s people then focus on better load and good uptime hosting servers

#2. Disk space and plan

If you have Large number of monthly visitor such as more than 15000/month visitor in Shared hosting
As impact to incrase response time
Once again for this most of site have Down

Solve method

Shared plan is one of them for blog site creator
And isn’t qualify for 10,000 or more more monthly visitors
Instead you need to choice the managed wordpress or VPS
and chack Disk space that allows  20,000 and more monthly visitor

#3. Theme

Theme is an important element of wordpress and have huge online free theme to use on wordpress website
Also it main reason to loading session incrase and decrease
Old version and low quality theme coding isn’t quickly loading on web

I see Number of some newcomers use free theme and remove foter credit but completely unethical
Generally they Use uncrafted code as can't remove to easy

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Solve method

If used cracked or free themes fistable need to use premium version
or used old premium version? then update from your provider to bug fixes

Following steps to theme
  • Seo optimized
  • Premium version
  • Respondive
  • Mobile friendly

have some responsive theme that included hage features and it is basically large file need to aviod those

#4. Javascript code

It bad impact for web and Javascript isn’t quickly load on web
Some Web template have huge js code its main reason to slow
Also if use meta tag on header then obstacle on web server
and If you use the google adsense scripts on header as impact on web
Also impact the google analytics js code

Solve methods

Reduce js code on template and remove unused javascript

www.jscompress.com  it is amazing tool to compress your js code
simple copy js code and click on compress Javascript and to see amazing changes to your server

Finding the which js code not important for your site then reduce or remove it

#5. Image size

At last and most important part to enhance the ranking
If you search any image on google then you can see reduce image size such as 10KB or under size

A large image size is always bad impact of web site although your server disk space is enough
Present time Google ranked all site used the optimized responsive image

Solve way

Just reduce the image file size without resizing the hight and width and try to Between 20K or under size

For this you can use this tool
This completely free and Compressed more Than 60% to correct the exact quality

This Five part is great reason to known as why wordpress site slow load
"W3 total cache" is Another WP plugin it also help to extra advantage

Particularly first time you should focus on perfect server and SEO optimized theme in addition optimize image and script code.
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